To hell with confusing pricing plans

We think agency engagements with heavily inflated upfront fees, long-term contracts and “custom strategies” (the strategies aren’t unique, your business is) are on the way out. You won’t find a B2B SaaS focused marketing agency with our level of experience that offers more client-friendly engagements. 

Adam Fox


“SaaS Hero fuels our consistent growth. Our sales team couldn’t be more thankful for the work they do for us.”

TripMaster adds $504,758 in Net New ARR in one year

(not accounting for LTV, referrals, etc.)

Kristin Wagner

VP, Demand Generation

“SaaS Hero delivers more qualified paid search leads in one month than what our former agency delivered in a quarter.”

Playvox decreases cost per SQL 10x on Google Ads


Why do you offer month-to-month agreements?

We believe the traditional agency pricing model is outdated and doesn’t suit the needs of modern B2B SaaS businesses. Most agencies have a fee structure that looks something like this: 

– Hefty up front set up fee with a timeline of ~4 weeks to complete all tasks,
– 6-12 months of committing to a monthly retailer that is based on scope of services (e.g. number of ad channels managed, etc.); essentially having the client commit to ~$25k – $50k before accounting for ad spend and before ever seeing any results. 

Having month-to-month agreements helps to simplify our offerings, it also creates an environment where we now have skin in the game along with our client. Our business is only successful if our churn rate is low, so even though our clients have the ability to “cancel anytime”, that is rarely if ever the case.

A month-to-month agreement gives the client peace of mind and the agency the pressure to perform fast and be laser focused.

Can you review my ad accounts for me?

Of course! We love to audit our prospective clients’ ad accounts and are happy to audit them for free. We’ve run hundreds of audits. They are extremely detailed reports that are basically guaranteed to uncover additional opportunities for improvement!

I have a HubSpot attribution problem, can you help with that?

Yes we can! We are experts in HubSpot and regularly solve challenges like this for our clients. We will build custom dashboards that highlight the most important metrics as it relates to your ad spend (total opportunities by deal stage, total revenue by deal stage, etc.). You won’t have any attribution problems if you decide to work with us, especially if you use HubSpot!

What is an "ad channel"?

We consider an ad channel to be any digital marketing advertising platform available. The most common channels we manage for our clients are: 


  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Meta Ads
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Gartner Network (e.g. Capterra Ads)
What's the difference between choosing the Full Marketing team option vs a Dedicated Campaign Manager?

First off, you can’t go wrong with either option. Our Campaign Managers are the most experienced paid search and social experts in the B2B SaaS marketing space. 

The key difference is the level of strategic oversight you get. 

When choosing the Full Marketing Team option, you’ll have a dedicated Senior Account Strategist and a Project Manager in addition to the Campaign Manager. 

You’ll also have bi-weekly strategy calls instead of weekly strategy sessions. 

Ultimately, you get more resources from our team to help you grow faster. 

For B2B SaaS companies looking for an agency relationship that is more of an “extension of the team” feeling, this is perfect. 

Where do you build landing pages?

We typically build landing pages in Unbounce but can also create pages in WordPress as well if needed. Our landing page design includes unlimited revisions as well as custom written copy (from a human, not ChatGPT). We’ll send a first draft in Figma and you can request as many edits as you’d like. We won’t ever activate any landing pages until you give us the final OK. 

Can I see examples of ad creative and landing pages you've built?

Absolutely! Check out our Dribbble profile to see some of our creative work. If you need other examples or would like to see some live landing pages or ads, send an email to and we’ll send them over. 

How long does it take to launch campaigns?

We typically buffer ~3-4 weeks of setup time from the date of our project kickoff call to the day we launch campaigns across channels. That timeline can go faster or longer depending on a few factors, the primary one being approvals from your team. The faster we get feedback, the faster we can move the project along.


Our goal is to go as fast as possible. No one likes being stuck in onboarding purgatory…

How long does it take to see results?

When it comes to managing paid search accounts (Google or Microsoft Ads), we can begin to see positive results in less than 30 days.

However, our clients typically see up to a 3x improvement in SQL volume in ~90 days, especially if we are taking over an ad account that has a decent amount of history.

Here are some of the results we’ve achieved
for B2B SaaS companies just like yours.

Shannon Vander Meulen

Chief Marketing Officer

“They are just really transparent and also very responsive. We find with SaaS Hero that they are able to explain not just what they are doing, but also the why.”

Keith Carvalho

Director of Sales & Marketing

“They’ve been a fantastic partner to us, and despite being far from their largest client, we are made to feel like a top priority, With 20 years experience in this space, I can say that SH is a unicorn within a space crowded by mediocrity.”

Eric Simmons

Director of Demand Generation

“The new lead capture method (and I am not overselling) was absolutely transformative for our business. I’m taking 40-50% conversion rate increases, and if you know marketing, this is not nominal.”

Katie Russell

Senior Marketing Manager

“The SaaS Hero team is easy to work with, organized, and knowledgeable. We’ve been very pleased with their attentiveness to our requests as well as their willingness to help solve problems and make our campaigns better.”

Catherine LaGaly

Director of Marketing

“A pleasure to work with! The Saas Hero team is highly knowledgeable, creative, and personable. They’re easy to communicate with and quick to respond to any questions. The ad creation process is streamlined, efficient, and easy.”

Eric Telfer


“Once we found SaaS Hero we never looked back. They have raised our revenue by 400%.”

Kayla Mossien

Director of Digial Marketing

“Working with the hands-on team felt like an extension of our inner organization, always available to answer questions or address concerns in the marketplace!”

Monica McClellan

Director of Product and Growth

“SaaS Hero is great to work with, super attentive, and has great turnaround times!”

Sarah Morrow

Marketing Manager

“From my first call with SaaS Hero it was clear they knew what they were talking about. From keyword optimization to completley organizing our account and campaigns, they have done a wonderful job in just the first couple of months!

David Patton

Senior Channel Marketing Manager

“The team is on top of all the digital media trends and puts us in a position to take advantage. We’ve seen measurable growth in all our paid channels since beginning our work with SaaS Hero.”

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