Here are some of the results we’ve achieved for companies just like yours.

TripMaster adds $504,758 in Net
New ARR in one year

(not accounting for LTV, referrals, etc.)

  • Growth channels:
  • Avg. conversion rate from paid search: 20%
  • ROI: 650%

“SaaS Hero fuels our consistent growth. Our sales team couldn’t be more thankful for the work they do for us.”

Adam Fox, CEO

Leasecake achieves record 2020 growth
with SaaS Hero leading to $3M VC round

  • Growth channels:
  • New customers added: 50+
  • Industry segments: 5

“Not only do they deliver amazing work at lightning speed, they’re an absolute pleasure to work with. We genuinely like them and view SaaS Hero as a part of our team.”

Taj Adhav, Founder

ACE Software sees 250% lift
in organic search traffic

  • Growth channels: Blogging, workflow automation
  • 88% increase in organic CTR
  • 43% increase in average time on site

“SaaS Hero has been very responsive and easy to work with. They welcome feedback, questions, and concerns and are eager to collaborate on new ideas.”

Caitlin Nascher, Marketing Director

HR startup raises $70M Series A round after
working with SaaS Hero for 18 months

***Client wished to keep their name confidential, but we assure you they are a real company…they even left us a review on Clutch. Read it here***

  • Growth channels:
  • Payback period: 80 days
  • New Customers Added: 5,000+

“SaaS Hero’s communication is fantastic. The team is incredibly fast in terms of execution and responding to queries.”

HR Startup, Confidential

Mobile Locker generates 1,000+
leads from LinkedIn Ads

(shuts campaigns off to keep up with demand…)

  • Growth channels:
  • Avg. cost per lead: $16
  • Warm leads generated: 1,000+

“They put the client first, always trying to do what’s best for us.”

Mark Stralka, CEO

Shop Boss increases lead volume from
paid search by over 300% with SaaS Hero

  • Growth channels:
  • Decreased cost per conversion by 97%
  • Increased conversions by 305%
  • Decreased cost per click by 75%

“The SaaS Hero team is easy to work with, organized, and knowledgeable. We’ve been very pleased with their attentiveness to our requests as well as their willingness to help solve problems and make our campaigns better.”

Katie Russell, Senior Marketing Manager

Playvox decreases cost per lead 10x on Google Ads


  • Growth channels:
  • 10x decrease in CPL from paid search
  • 163% increase in lead volume from paid search

“SaaS Hero delivers more paid search leads in one month than what our former agency delivered in a quarter.”

Kristin Wagner, VP, Demand Generation

VerificationsCanada sees 400% increase
in revenue from PPC with SaaS Hero

  • Growth channels:
  • Increased ROI by 400%
  • Increased conversion volume by 65%
  • Increased impression share by 80%

“They have a diverse team that can support our business needs. They are available whenever we have questions or need support. They understood our business and were able to deliver.”

Eric Telfer, CEO

Check out some other (verified) reviews we’ve
gotten from our clients

Matt Rall VP of Strategy & Business Development, Pandio

They genuinely care about the outcomes we are driving towards at Pandio and they take the time to listen and iterate along the way.

Karen Roberto VP of Marketing, LivTech

SaaS Hero acts as your 6th man. They are truly an expert in digital marketing and not only take direction, but act as your partner to provide analysis and insights to better position your company for ROI.

Twain McDougal President, Vestige

I love the responsiveness of the team. Always there to support, guide, and answer questions.

Gerry Leonard CEO, Transit Tech

They work FAST. They LISTEN, really listen to what we’re trying to do and then once we agree – they get moving and can build, design, tweak on demand

Catherine LaGaly Director of Marketing, ManageAmerica

We’ve struggled with finding qualified leads from paid channels in the past, and SaaS Hero helped unlock a major new growth channel in LinkedIn.

Kayla Mossien Director of Digital Marketing, Ivalua

Working with the hands-on team felt like an extension of our inner organization, always available to answer questions or address concerns in the marketplace!

Nick Gustafson Senior Marketing Manager, Eldermark

We launched our ads with SaaS Hero about three months ago and are already bringing in triple-digit MQLs for our sales team each month.

Wayne Hippo Managing Partner, PS Solutions

They have strong market knowledge and experience and are very responsive. They are our go-to Team for online marketing, landing pages and social media ad buys.

Chris Aaron CEO, Voce Software

They don’t take advantage of our limited marketing knowledge by pushing services that we don’t need; they’re also honest with us when our vision isn’t practical. Their guidance always leads us to success.

Dave Hunegnaw Founder, BYLINED

Results have been fantastic. Leads and sales are increasing significantly.

Lib Magra COO, TripMaster

The team at SaaS Hero has been a tremendous asset to our organization. Even though they’re a consulting company, their attentiveness and reliability provide the feel of having in-house marketing and lead generation expertise. Their responsiveness to requests, knowledge, and proven results have allowed us to grow quickly and focus on what we do best.

John Terry Director of Marketing, Leasecake

After a few false starts with other agencies, we were convinced PPC was not right for our company. The search volume didn’t seem to be there. However, Aaron and his team showed us the light. They helped dial in the right keywords and optimize our paid search strategy. We now have a steady stream of qualified leads, and I’m more than happy to refer friends to SaaS Hero.

Bryan Taylor CMO, Morphio

SaaS Hero does the hard work that all agencies talk about, but very rarely deliver. They are straight-talking, don’t nickel and dime on their time and get down to business fast – every week. Their hands-on leadership team made our tracking and attribution bulletproof while adding strategic MarTech tools to speed up our decision-making, and, in turn made us a better, smarter team.

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