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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the Q’s we get from clients all the time about running PPC campaigns for B2B SaaS. Let us know if we missed anything or if you have more technical questions that require a personal touch.

How does your typical client engagement work?

Our typical engagement with a new client is a retainer-based contract with an average length of 4-6 months. That time period allows us to test, learn, optimize, and begin to scale. By the end of our initial engagement we’ll know the following – Do we work well together? Are we achieving our primary objectives? What do we need to accomplish next to rapidly accelerate growth?

How do you charge?

We typically charge a monthly retainer that varies depending on how many ad channels, campaigns, and other services (blogging, email marketing, etc.) we are managing. Total monthly ad spend is factored into this equation as well. There is usually a one-time Plan Integration Fee that varies depending on how much initial work needs to be done in order to launch campaigns (landing page design, copywriting, attribution, etc.).

Are you comfortable working with an internal marketing team?

Absolutely! We love collaborating with internal marketing teams (and other agencies, for that matter). Our objective is to be as close to an extension of your team as possible, so it’s usually a natural fit.

How do you communicate with clients?

Our preferred method of communication is to set up a shared Slack channel for regular back-and-forth to discuss campaigns, ideas, etc. on an ad hoc basis (we’re also totally fine with using regular ‘ol email as well). In addition to Slack/email, we typically set up a weekly or bi-weekly call to review current marketing efforts and strategize on new ideas.

Can you share some references?

Of course! Send an email to hi@saashero.net and we’ll send you the contact info of several of our clients that would be happy to share their experience working with us with you. You can also check out our results page to see some of our most impressive wins.

Do you offer Proof Of Concept (POC) campaigns?

Yes! We love to run POC campaigns with clients who are a) early stage and need help experimenting with campaign ideas quickly or b) want to “dip their toe” into an agency relationship before committing to a more concrete engagement.

How quickly does it take to see results?

In some cases, we can see results immediately after launching campaigns. Other times, we need to learn and iterate before we achieve our primary marketing goals. Our average client sees a significant ROI on their paid campaigns within 2-3 months.

Can you handle creative assets?

Of course! We regularly handle the design and development of creative assets for our clients. We commonly design ad creative, graphics for websites and landing pages, PDF’s for sales collateral, etc.

How do you report on campaign performance?

We use a combination of resources for reporting including Google Data Studio, HubSpot dashboards and other tools. In addition to online reports, we usually spend some time during weekly/bi-weekly touch points digging into campaigns as a group to discuss insights, trends, etc.

How much budget do we need to see results from PPC campaigns for B2B SaaS?

This all depends on your market, competition, advertising channel(s) and several other factors. With that being said, we will always advise you to spend the right amount of money on your campaigns. If we feel that your budget will be ineffective, we’ll be the first to tell you even if it means that delays you hiring us.


Matt Rall VP of Strategy & Business Development, Pandio


They genuinely care about the outcomes we are driving towards at Pandio and they take the time to listen and iterate along the way.

Karen Roberto

Karen Roberto VP of Marketing, LivTech


SaaS Hero acts as your 6th man. They are truly an expert in digital marketing and not only take direction, but act as your partner to provide analysis and insights to better position your company for ROI.

Twain McDougal

Twain McDougal President, Vestige


I love the responsiveness of the team. Always there to support, guide, and answer questions.

Gerry Leonard

Gerry Leonard CEO, Transit Tech


They work FAST. They LISTEN, really listen to what we’re trying to do and then once we agree – they get moving and can build, design, tweak on demand

Catherine LaGaly Director of Marketing, ManageAmerica


We’ve struggled with finding qualified leads from paid channels in the past, and SaaS Hero helped unlock a major new growth channel in LinkedIn.

Kayla Mossien Director of Digital Marketing, Ivalua


Working with the hands-on team felt like an extension of our inner organization, always available to answer questions or address concerns in the marketplace!

Nick Gustafson Senior Marketing Manager, Eldermark


We launched our ads with SaaS Hero about three months ago and are already bringing in triple-digit MQLs for our sales team each month.

Wayne Hippo Managing Partner, PS Solutions


They have strong market knowledge and experience and are very responsive. They are our go-to Team for online marketing, landing pages and social media ad buys.

Rick Catalano Managing Partner, AMIGO


In a brief time, SaaS Hero was able to provide me 100+ qualified leads of my ideal customer profile. The results have been astounding. The team is very professional, know their craft and are great to work with.

Chris Aaron CEO, Voce Software


They don’t take advantage of our limited marketing knowledge by pushing services that we don’t need; they’re also honest with us when our vision isn’t practical. Their guidance always leads us to success.

Dave Hunegnaw

Dave Hunegnaw Founder, BYLINED


Results have been fantastic. Leads and sales are increasing significantly.

Lib Magra

Lib Magra COO, TripMaster


The team at SaaS Hero has been a tremendous asset to our organization. Even though they’re a consulting company, their attentiveness and reliability provide the feel of having in-house marketing and lead generation expertise. Their responsiveness to requests, knowledge, and proven results have allowed us to grow quickly and focus on what we do best.

John Terry

John Terry Director of Marketing, Leasecake


After a few false starts with other agencies, we were convinced PPC was not right for our company. The search volume didn’t seem to be there. However, Aaron and his team showed us the light. They helped dial in the right keywords and optimize our paid search strategy. We now have a steady stream of qualified leads, and I’m more than happy to refer friends to SaaS Hero.

Bryan Taylor CMO, Morphio


SaaS Hero does the hard work that all agencies talk about, but very rarely deliver. They are straight-talking, don’t nickel and dime on their time and get down to business fast – every week. Their hands-on leadership team made our tracking and attribution bulletproof while adding strategic MarTech tools to speed up our decision-making, and, in turn made us a better, smarter team.

Rick Catalano Managing Partner, AMIGO


In a brief time, SaaS Hero was able to provide me 100+ qualified leads of my ideal customer profile. The results have been astounding. The team is very professional, know their craft and are great to work with.