B2B SaaS companies look to us when their existing agency or freelancer...

  • Constantly waits for directions instead of being proactive
  • Have huge discrepancies between reported conversions and CRM data
  • Can’t design effective landing pages or ad creative
  • Are slow to respond to questions or issues
  • Can’t provide HubSpot reports that show revenue-related metrics
  • Overcharge for their services
and a dozen other things…

Proven results through paid search, paid social, and conversion rate optimization for SaaS companies of all sizes


Net New ARR



Increase in Demo Requests



Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

“The new lead capture method (and I am not overselling) was absolutely transformative for our business. I’m talking 40-50% conversion rate increases, and if you know marketing, this is not nominal.”
Eric Simmons, Director of Demand Generation

B2B SaaS companies growing their ARR through paid ads with SaaS Hero

All the services you need to crush your growth goals


We’re experts in scaling PPC campaigns focused around free trial sign ups and demo requests for B2B SaaS.

We build PPC optimized landing pages with the perfect blend of on-brand content and ongoing conversion focus.
Cold email campaigns for product introduction or warm nurturing sequences are second nature to us.
eBooks, blogs, landing pages, ads; you name it. We write words that make your customers happy.
Every dollar spent on campaigns without proper attribution is a dollar wasted. We stay laser focused on being ROI-focused.
Most agencies claim to be experts at LinkedIn Ads but rarely deliver.

Proven processes + experience = positive ROI, faster

Want to know what it’s like to work with an experienced B2B SaaS marketing agency? We’ll walk you step-by-step through our exact process starting from the day we first meet to the day we deliver our first (of many) wins. 

“SaaS Hero delivers more qualified paid search leads in one month than what our former agency delivered in a quarter.”

Kristin Wagner, VP, Demand Generation

Have a MarTech stack you love?

We probably love it too.

Whether you have a fully integrated marketing software stack already or need advice on the best options to suit your business needs, we have deep expertise using most platforms.

A lot of agencies make promises. We keep ours.


We work swiftly so you can prove marketing objectives are working (or not) as quickly as possible.

Gerry Leonard
CEO, Transit Tech

“They work FAST. They LISTEN, really listen to what we’re trying to do and then once we agree – they get moving and can build, design, tweak on demand.”



We’re not “yes” people. We’ll give it to you straight, always.

Bryan Taylor
CMO, Morphio

“They are straight-talking, don’t nickel and dime on their time and get down to business fast.” 


We maintain flexible schedules so someone is always available when you need us most.


Twain McDougal
President, Vestige

“I love the responsiveness of the team. Always there to support, guide, and answer questions.”


Are you ready to see how much better your marketing could be performing? Schedule a call with us and we’ll show you.

You’ll walk away with insights and ideas you can take action on right away,
whether you decide to work with us or not