SaaS Hero named a G2 High Performer in the Digital Marketing category!

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how we engage with clients, the types of companies we work with, our fee structure, and our process from initial client discovery all the way to collecting our first wins from paid campaigns.

We’re an open book (and so should any other B2B SaaS marketing agency you’re considering)! Ready to skip straight to the good stuff? Request an account audit and let's get this party started.


Performance marketing for B2B SaaS is all we do


Ideally, our clients meet the following criteria:

  • Internal marketing team members
  • Proven system for lead scoring, nurturing, and follow up
  • Proven sales process
  • Existing marketing spend on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • Experience working with agencies to help execute marketing initiatives

If you don’t meet all of the above criteria to a T, that’s OK. The most important things for us are that our client operates a B2B SaaS and that they know exactly how to sell it. The last thing we want is to generate tons of demand for a product our client can’t sell.

    Adam Fox, CEO, TripMaster

“SaaS Hero fuels our consistent growth. Our sales team couldn’t be more thankful for the work they do for us.”

Here are the types of engagements we offer our clients

Full Agency Plans

Most of our engagements fall under one of our Full Agency Plans. Each of these plans includes a dedicated marketing team with the intention being us becoming a direct extensions of our clients’ core team. If you’re looking for a more hands on, full agency experience, one of our Full Agency Plans is what you need.

Startup Plan

Our Startup Plan is ideal for earlier stage B2B SaaS companies who want to test the waters with an agency partner before diving into a more concrete relationship. If you’re looking for an experienced, proven agency partner to get the maximum value from your paid search accounts, this is perfect for you.

Here's what will happen before we sign a contract...

Step 1: Discovery Call

These calls typically last between 30-60 minutes with the majority of our time asking questions about you, your business and most importantly, your previous/current marketing initiatives.

We want to know everything; what has worked in the past, what channels you’re currently advertising on, budgets, conversion rates, what you believe doesn’t work (and why), what marketing partners you’ve engaged with in the past, what your short and long-term objectives are…literally everything. The more info we get from you, the more specific we can be when it comes to create a comprehensive marketing plan for you.


During this call, we’ll also share several ideas on how we believe we can help you reach your marketing goals in as short a time as possible. We always show up prepared so you can rest assured that we’ll have some nuggets to share.

Kristin Wagner, VP Demand Generation, Playvox

“SaaS Hero delivers more paid search leads in one month than what our former agency delivered in a quarter.”

Our 50-point account audits are guaranteed to uncover opportunities to improve campaign and landing page performance

Step 2: Retainer

Our typical engagement with a new client is a retainer-based contract with an average length of 4-6 months. That time period allows us to test, learn, optimize, and begin to scale. By the end of our initial agreement we’ll know the following – Do we work well together? Are we achieving our primary objectives? What do we need to accomplish next to rapidly accelerate growth?

Proof of Concept

We love to run POC campaigns with clients who are a) early stage and need help experimenting with campaign ideas quickly or b) want to dip their toe into an agency relationship before committing to a more concrete agency relationship.

 Katie Russell, Senior Marketing Manager, Shop Boss

“The SaaS Hero team is easy to work with, organized, and knowledgeable. We’ve been very pleased with their attentiveness to our requests as well as their willingness to help solve problems and make our campaigns better.”

Here's the plan...

Step 3: Marketing plan and proposal

Now that we know what your goals and objectives are and where we can improve performance of your existing campaigns, it’s time to put it all together in a clear, actionable proposal that includes the following items:

  • A list of our key objectives based off of our previous conversations and audits
  • An overview of the steps we’ll take in order to achieve our key objectives
  • A detailed action. plan breaking down how we plan to execute each channel we recommend
  • Examples of previous relevant projects we’ve executed for other clients
  • A virtual introduction to your dedicated marketing team
  • A timeline of execution for each item listed in the plan
  • 3 different pricing options to choose from based on the level of engagement that makes the most sense for you
    Mark Stralka, CEO, Mobile Locker

“They put the client first, always trying to do what’s best for us.”

At this point, you have received the following from us, without ever paying a penny or signing a contract...

High-level strategy ideas on how to improve performance from your marketing initiatives


Comprehensive audits pinpointing key areas to improve actual campaign and landing page performance that you can execute on right away (with or without us)


A detailed marketing plan with step-by-step instructions on how to execute a full-fledged marketing strategy that is custom tailored to your business

   Taj Adhav, Founder, Leasecake

“Not only do they deliver amazing work at lightning speed, they’re an absolute pleasure to work with. We genuinely like them and view SaaS Hero as a part of our team.

Here's what will happen after we sign a contract for our services...

Step 4: Onboarding and account access

Our onboarding process is designed to be both extremely straightforward and comprehensive. That way, you don’t have to spend too much time providing us with information (although, you will definitely have to participate in this exercise) while at the same time helping us create our client “bible”.

Our onboarding documentation serves as our holy grail for customer discovery, copy and campaign ideation and overall knowledge about your business.


Keep in mind, we’re in the business of learning fast. It’s what we do. You gives us the exact info we need, and we learn about your business and industry at light speed.


More than likely, we’ll have had some exposure to your vertical at some point in the past since we’ve worked with dozens of B2B SaaS companies over the years.


We’ll also use this time to gain the necessary access to the accounts we’ll be managing for you. We NEVER create ad accounts for our clients. Everything we do is on your behalf and should we separate at some point, we want our offboarding process to be as smooth and painless as our onboarding process is. We’ve seen where other agencies hold the keys to clients ad accounts and it can get pretty messy.

Meet the Team

Step 5: Meet the team and strategy session

Now that we have access to everything we need including the completed onboarding documentation, it’s time to formally introduce you to your dedicated marketing team that will be the driving force taking your performance marketing to the next level!


Each SaaS Hero client is assigned the following dedicated team members:

  • Account Manager – the main point of contact who “owns” the account
  • Account Coordinator – the Account Manager’s right hand helping ensure projects are being completed on time and budget
  • Campaign Manager – the brains behind the execution of campaigns on the major ad platformsIn addition to the core team, you’ll also be working closely with other supporting cast members of the SaaS Hero team:
  • Director of Paid Media – who oversees the strategic direction of campaigns and ensure KPI’s are being tracked, met and exceeded
  • Director of Operations – who oversees the entire project management flow and ensures all systems are firing behind the scenes
  • Marketing Operations Specialist – who oversees event tracking and workflow set up.

We’ll take 10-15 minutes to introduce ourselves and get properly acquainted and then we’ll get to the good stuff. We’ll share our execution plan for building all of the necessary assets in order to activate campaigns across channels.

During that time, we’ll also reiterate the strategy we laid out in the proposal and marketing plan. If there are any questions about we we plan to do or why, we can discuss them at that time. Our goal is always to be 100% transparent with our clients.

Caitlin Nascher, Marketing Director, aACE Software

“SaaS Hero has been very responsive and easy to work with. They welcome feedback, questions, and concerns and are eager to collaborate on new ideas.”

Kayla Mossien, Director of Digital Marketing, Ivalua

“Working with the hands-on team felt like an extension of our inner organization, always available to answer questions or address concerns in the marketplace!”

    Bryan Taylor, CMO, Hawke AI

“SaaS Hero delivers the hard work that all other agencies talk about, but rarely deliver”

Launch Day

Step 6: Launch Time!

This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Campaigns are officially going live!


We’ll schedule a “Go Live” call so we can run a final, live QA pass as a team before activating campaigns across channels. At this time, we’ll also schedule our cadence for weekly touchpoint calls to review campaign performance.



Step 7: Life After Launch 


Campaigns are in full swing. SQLs are flowing like the Salmon of Capistrano. Early signs are looking positive.

In addition to your weekly check-in calls with the team, your Account Coordinator is sending you an update every Monday morning that details:

  • What we accomplished last week
  • What we have slated for the week ahead
  • What we need approvals on from your team…

…and on and on we go. Not only are you receiving weekly updates, but you’re also getting a comprehensive monthly report detailing our wins from the previous month, a detailed list of all activities completed (along with a link to our project management system, ClickUp) along with your custom Data Studio report that provides real-time campaign stats that can be sorted by any date range.

Catherine LaGaly, Director of Marketing, ManageAmerica

“We’ve struggled with finding qualified leads from paid channels in the past, and SaaS Hero helped unlock a major new growth channel in LinkedIn.”

Let us audit your existing ad accounts, completely free, and we guarantee you’ll walk away with insights you can act on immediately to improve your campaigns; even if you decide not to hire us.