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6 Places Where You Should Insert Dynamic Text In Your Landing Pages (But Probably Aren’t)

Dynamic text is all about personalization and relevancy, allowing you to quickly and efficiently deliver different content or landing page experiences to different users based on their search queries or specific needs. We mentioned dynamic text briefly in our blog about Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs), where we talked about the value of pairing your…

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9 Steps To Crush PPC With Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG)

When one of our B2B SaaS clients saw how quickly we increased their lead volume using paid search, they wondered if our results were real. Our lead volume skyrocketed the company CEO told us. The results were real. And while the customer may have been surprised, we weren’t. That’s because changing up your paid search…

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The RLSA Strategy That Will Help You Dominate Your Competitors (sorry, competitors)

Using Adwords should be a pretty significant part of your current marketing mix to drive qualified traffic and awareness about your product. If it isn?t (and you?re an established company with some cash in the bank), it?s time to get on it. **NOTE: this article doesn?t apply to the startups out there bootstrapping their way…

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